“We AREN’T Farmers”

We are Farmers. A slogan that doesn’t reflect the Insurance Carriers current practice and disgraces the heritage of where it came from. Farmers was started in 1928, by Farmers and Ranchers, who from their own experience, wanted to reduce risk, and insure their friends. Fast Forward to 2021, Farmers is a billion-dollar company that refuses to absolve their Insureds, or, claimants.

Farmers spend tons of money and time forcing their claimants through exhausting court hearings, depositions and then avoiding a trial. That’s the Irony. Farmers Insurance will posture until they are faced by a Jury. Their fear and inexperience in evaluating claims create a battle amongst the Farmers Defense Lawyers and their adjusters.

When Farmers finally settles, the adjusters and Farmer defense lawyers blame each other, so in their mind, they both win.  It doesn’t take a genius to know that when you put your own insured through an expensive and exhausting battle of litigation that you aren’t really winning.  No Insurance Company will be there when you need them let alone a carrier like Farmers who spends 100s of Millions a year on commercials because of the dissatisfaction of their insureds who drop Farmers. We aren’t Farmers, we are The Hadi Law Firm, and we fight to the end to ensure our clients get what they deserve.

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